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This is me


2016 - Künstlerwerkstatt - Pfaffenhofen

2021 - Photo.München Online - Munich

2022 - International Photography Awards - New York

2023 - Lange Nacht - Pörnbach

2023 - Analog Sparks - Athens


Gottwald Dominik, born in spring '92

2020 - master of photography

2017 - educated carpenter

2012 - educated mechatronic

Why am I taking photos?

This is a topic for which I can get up in the morning in a good mood.

Colors, shapes and contrasts are great!  And it's fun to play with!

I've always preferred to stand barefoot in the dirt and watch birds than go to school or read the newspaper. It is my greatest joy to live in my own rhythm.

Learning to allow more space for things over which we have no control is also very nice.

Gottwald Dominik

85298 Scheyern


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2nd Prize
official selection
honorable mention
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