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Reportage - duck slaughter

eat meat or not? - A difficult subject. How many things too complex to be able to present a truth in the room. One that everyone has to decide for themselve, but a little more awareness on this topic would certainly not hurt.

The ducks slaughtered here were born in the summer, were not separated from their mothers and spent their time in an orchard of more than 1000 square meters.

The meat is purely for personal use in an agriculture that is on its last legs. The ability and knowledge about growing vegetables, keeping livestock and maintaining the estate is passed on to the next generation and the one after that - but nobody will continue it.

It's the way animals are raised, how much meat I eat and how much appreciation I can spare for it that I think makes a difference.

I would like to add that these images were not taken in a totally valued manner and that composition and drama were taken into account. Slaughtering is part of some everyday agricultural life and everyone involved here can imagine something nicer than killing an animal.

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